YouTube founder edited his first video due to cancellation of dislikes

Some time ago, Google announced that it hides the negative reviews counter under YouTube videos. According to the company, this will help reduce the number of coordinated attacks. However, the innovation did not appeal to either the audience or the presenters.

And even the founder of the platform Javed Karim, one of the creators of YouTube, expressed his thoughts on hiding dislikes. And he did it in an unusual way: by editing the description of the historical video 2005 Me at the zoo.

This is the very first video that has been uploaded to the new YouTube platform. Karim was confused by the fact that Matt Koval‘s words about the great change were not accompanied by the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the expert himself links with YouTube authors.

He seemed to read the text by force, knowing that the authors themselves did not consider this idea good. The ability to easily and quickly identify low-quality content is an important feature for the platform custom content.

Why? Because not everything created by users is good, it just can’t be. Basically, most of what they do is actually terrible, and that‘s normal.

The idea was never that everything was beautiful, we wanted to show that in the gray stream there are great creations waiting to be discovered. And for this to happen, anything that is less quality must move away as quickly as possible.

The process works, and it has a name: the wisdom of the crowd. The process is interrupted when the platform itself interferes with it.

After this, the platform invariably falls into disrepair. Does YouTube want to be a place where everything is mediocre? After all, nothing can be great if there is no bad.

Javed KarimAccording to Karim, there is a reason why YouTube’s leadership has taken controversial and unnecessary measures. But we will not be told this reason, hiding behind references to various studies that contradict common sense.

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