YouTuber in trouble to paint a mouthcap

In Indonesia, many people are angry at a YouTuber and his girlfriend. In a video, the girlfriend went into the supermarket with a mouthcap painted on her face. She did because she didnt have a normal mouthcap on her.

After the YouTuber put the video online, he got a lot of criticism. He has 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube, and many people say that he should set a good example.


of the country?

In the country, dental caps in stores are mandatory. The police are very strict if you dont.

Thats why the police took the passports from the YouTuber and his girlfriend. They do not come from Indonesia, but from America and Russia. Perhaps the government of Indonesia wants to send them back to those countries.


The YouTuber hopes that this will not happen and apologized in a video.