Youtubers Life 2 creators revealed eight minutes of gameplay

Publisher Uplay and Studio Online Raiser Games have released a gameplay trailer for the upcoming sequel, YouTubers Life 2. In the new video, we can follow the hero‘s attempts to become the most popular video blogger in the world for eight minutes. The video shows what features will be available when creating characters, what decorations will help to make the hero’s home a beautiful and unique.

The game‘s creators also showed the main activities of the video blogger: shooting videos, including using a drone that follows the hero’s progress. In YouTubers Life 2, we can get out of the room for the first time.

The trailer shows what a living city looks like, which will become our base with shops, entertainment venues and non-playable characters. There are different opportunities every day, and it can serve as a base for launching content creation.

YouTubers Life 2 comes out on RS, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch this year. More on Gaming Free GreedFall will not allow a PlayStation 5 update Konami will release on mobile devices Contra Returns Creation Engine 2 created both for Starfield, so for TES6.