Youtubers Life 2 is released on 19 October

Studio Uplay Online and publisher Raiser Games have announced a release date for Youtubers Life 2. The game is released on 19 October on RS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. And this announcement was accompanied by the creators of the successful YouTuber simulator with a fresh trailer.

In Youtubers Life 2, as in the first game, we have to master the art of creating popular YouTube videos, and the main goal would be to be the best video blogger on the planet. This can‘t be achieved if you don’t follow closely what‘s happening in NewTube and find ourselves in the center of events every time.

In the game, we have to meet and get to know the avatars real video bloggers: PewDiePie, Rubius, Crainer, LaurenzSide, Paluten, GermanletsPlay, WillyRex, iNoxTag, Vegetta777, and XFarganX. They will give us assignments that will help us to improve skills and promote the channel.

And they can also give us unique awards. In addition to traveling around the city and creating casters, we will be able to build our own apartment and improve our looks with a whole arsenal of outfits and accessories.

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