‘Yulia, wife of Russian opposition leader Navalny, arrived in Germany’

Yulia Navalnaya, the wife of the Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny, flew from Russia to Germany. Der Spiegel reports, based on her own sources, that she arrived in Frankfurt tonight.

Russian media reported today that she had taken a plane to Germany in Moscow for fear. But according to information from Der Spiegel, this is a private visit.

I can imagine that the ground has become too hot under her feet, but she has not yet told her real reasons, says TCCEIT correspondent Iris de Graaf.

Illegal meeting

At the beginning of this month, Yulia Navalnaya was charged a fine of approximately EUR 220 by a Russian judge for having participated in an illegal meeting. Shes been fined and placed under house arrest a few times before.

A criminal case has also been opened against people around Aleksey Navalny who have called for protest. That would also include Yulia, says De Graaf.

In addition, in Russia a law has been passed prohibiting family members of foreign agents, as Navalny is called by the Russian state, from applying for politics. Yulia is occasionally mentioned as possible deputy of Aleksey as opposition leader. But she didnt say anything about that herself.

Also, a court in Russia today approved a request for the arrest of Leonid Volkov. Aleksey Navalnys chief of staff, who is in Lithuania, would have been guilty of involving minors in protests in Russia.

Penal colony

Last week, Aleksey Navalny was sentenced by a Moscow court to over two and a half years in a penal colony. A conditional imprisonment was then converted into an unconditional, because he had not reported to the parole officer when he was recovering in Germany.

Thats where Navalny was flown last summer after being poisoned with the nerve gas novitsjok. When he flew back to Russia after his recovery, Navalny was immediately taken in.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians have taken the streets in recent weeks to demonstrate against Navalnys imprisonment. In these protests, more than 5000 supporters of the Putin critic were arrested, including Yulia Navalnaya.

In this video on 3 explains who Navalny is exactly and what he stands for: