Zack Snyders firm reaches 2-year deal with Netlix

The firm of Zack Snyder and his wife Deborah Snyder has reached a two-year agreement with Netflix to create content. As part of the agreement, Snyder will develop new projects for the streaming service, something he has already been actively engaged in recent months. Among them will be the animated โ€œTwilight of the Gods,โ€ the fantasy picture โ€œRebellion Moonโ€ and a sequel to โ€œArmy of the Dead.

โ€ According to Snyder, he is going to create projects of a large scale that can then turn into full-fledged franchises โ€” as happened with the same Army, which received a prequel (due out in the fall) and anime based on (release in spring 2022). As a direct sequel to โ€œArmy,โ€ which set Netflix viewing records, Snyder will take up after โ€œMutiny Moon,โ€ which should start at the beginning 2022.

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