Zack Snyders Justice League gets adult rating

As previously promised by Zack Snyder, his version of Justice League received an adult rating of R — that is, from age 17. The director assumed that such an assessment would be given out for mate and brutality in the film – it turned out. Previously, Snyder mentioned that his version of Steppe Wolf shattering enemies to pieces, some characters behave rudely enough, and in one of the scenes Batman mattered.

The same rating, by the way, had the full version of Batman v Superman, not to mention the director‘s past works like Guardians or 300. The premiere of the tape on HBO Max will take place on March 18.

On February 14, a new trailer is rumored to appear, and yesterday the director presented the first frame of his version of the Joker from the film. More on Gambling Authors Call of Duty: Warzone have already amused more than 300 thousand accounts The PS Store started the sale Critics’ Choice with discounts up to 80% PlayStation 5 received a fresh firmware update.