Zahavi: I showed Schmidt my stats, but he wasnt interested

Roger Schmidt‘s change system didn’t like Eran Zahavi. The striker left at PSV only took ninety minutes into action, while according to his own admission he was entitled to it more often.
Zahavi played his last match for the people of Eindhoven. In his homeland, he explains Schmidt‘s exchange policy in the Frequent Traveler podcast. “It really occupied me that I was constantly changing at PSV,” says the Israeli, who emphasizes that he was often taken to the side when matches were about to be decided. “I talked to the trainer about it. Check out my stats: After the seventieth minute, I scored the most goals in my career.”
Schmidt had no message to Zahavi’
s call. “I showed the statistics to the trainer, but he told me not to be interested in that,” the attacker sombre. “It was that he was happy with me, but that he needed me several matches. But per minute playing time in the competition, I had the most goals after Sébastien Haller of Ajax. In that respect, it was great.”