Zahavi spoke with PSV delegation: ‘Confer what is now wisdom for the family’

A delegation from PSV travelled to Amsterdam on Monday to visit Eran Zahavi and his family. Technical manager John de Jong and team manager Bas Roorda talked to the Israeli striker about the brutal robbery on his house and whether Zahavi still wants to finish the competition.
Toon Gerbrands, general director of PSV, indicates that the interests of the Eindhoven people are completely outside of it. โ€œWe want to listen very carefully to how Eran, his wife and children are in this situation,โ€ he says to De Cceit. โ€œThat question is central. Were playing two more league games this week, but its about whats now wisdom for the family. We discuss with him how he sees himself this last week of competition.โ€
The event has affected not only Zahavi, but also his teammates. โ€œThis is a terrible and traumatic experience,โ€ Gerbrands knows. โ€œWith the Zahavi family, we can only ask ourselves whether they still want to live in that house. But I could also understand from my own experience that the family of the player group needs, for example, information on safety issues.โ€
PSV will support the selection in it. โ€œWe want to be able to indicate how these situations can be prevented. The Eindhoven police and our safety coordinators can be used as specialists. That is what we as a club would like to offer. From Tuesday we will discuss this with each other.โ€