Zebra fatally injured in attack by rhino in Emmen zoo

With the eyes of visitors, a rhino attacked a zebra in Wildlands in Emmen this morning. The animal was injured to such an extent that the animal park decided to put him to sleep.

“For 29 years, savannah animals such as zebras and rhinos have been walking together. This is the first time this has happened. That’s why we assume it’s a one-off incident“, says Wildlands spokesman Hanneke Wijshake to RTV Drenthe.

Little day out

“It’s not yet clear what exactly happened,” says Wijshake. “It may have been an accident that the zebra was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe it was just a tap. The zebra was injured so badly we saw no choice but to put it to sleep.”

The park talks to people who have seen something, such as the truck drivers who make the safari trips across the savannah and visitors to the park. Wijshake: “You don’t want this to happen anyway, but not at all with people who have a nice day out and are confronted with it.”

Dead ostrich

Before June last year an ostrich was killed, even after a confrontation with a rhino. Whether it is the same rhino is still unknown. “What we did then was to separate the ostriches; they were quite new on that big savannah. The rhinos know the area well, so we really assume this was an isolated incident.”