Zemfira dedicated song to butler Austin from a series of three-in-a-row games

A clip appeared on Zemfiras official YouTube channel, which will not be completely understood by those who are not familiar with the three-in-a-row games. The song โ€œAustinโ€ is dedicated to none other than butler Austin, the iconic character of the Russian studio Playrix. For the first time we met Austin in the mobile game Gardenscapes, which came out in 2016.

A year later, a spin-off Homescapes was released to her. Both games have become incredibly popular and continue to be updated and expanded.

The butler acts in the series as the main narrator and the main driving force: he relentlessly invents all new alterations and improvements for the garden and the mansion. And funds for all his ideas we extract, passing the levels โ€œthree in a rowโ€ .

Zemfira herself admitted that she regularly plays various simple and soothing games. But Austins story and personality are knocked out of the general scheme of โ€œthe most unmaliciousโ€ toys.

He really irritates me with his sterility, orderliness, all his being, but he is indispensable character in my life, and I constantly return to him. ZemfiraThe song โ€œAustinโ€ will be included in the next, seventh album of Zemfira.

In the clip, we see Austins nightmare: a mansion that collapses in front of its eyes. And his mistress, to whom he clearly harbors ambiguous feelings, โ€œborrowedโ€ from the arts to the new game Playrix, a detective with the search for items Manor Matters.

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