Zirkzee: ‘Then I got on a plane to the Netherlands’

Joshua Zirkzee had to get used to it again during the match between Young Orange and Young Belarus. The 19-year-old striker initially tested positive for the coronavirus, which forced him to quarantine. After many negative tests Zirkzee was finally allowed to travel to Jong Oranje.

โ€œI was tested positive on November 4, after which I was tested four more times. Every test was negative after that,โ€ says Zirkzee in front of the camera of RTV Rijmond. โ€œAfter that fourth test, Bayern Munich discussed with the German health team that I was allowed to go out of quarantine after that fourth negative test. Then I got on a plane straight to the Netherlands.โ€
Because of his quarantine period, Zirk Sea was not 100% fit, which prevented him from starting against Young Belarus. โ€œIt took a while to get used to it again,โ€ he says. โ€œIt‘s not such a big thing or anything, but I think playing a whole game is still too tough.โ€
Zirk Sea is very upset with its positive test and mandatory quarantine. โ€œIt’
s annoying, but there‘s nothing to be done. I just need to make sure that I’m fit again, so that I get competition rhythm.โ€