Ziyech Top-Rated Chelsea Player: ‘Constant Scourge for Spurs’

Hakim Ziyech can personally look back on an excellent performance against Tottenham Hotspur. As part of the League Cup, the outdoor player was allowed to start from kickoff again and fulfilled his role as wingback with verve.
Ziyech was not ashamed of Thomas Tuchel‘s trust. The former Ajacied caused a lot of threat and regularly sent teammates into depth to set up an attack. That’s what The Sun saw. The English medium judges Ziyech with an eight and writes that he was ‘the whole game a concern for the Tottenham defence’. โ€œHakim Ziyech was a constant scourge for Spurs. He gave a great cross on Lukaku, which the Belgian should have done more with. Twenty minutes after rest, he gave another beautiful ball, but Timo Werner failed by lobbing the ball.
The Independent is handing out two eights, one of which is for Ziyech. โ€œHe was more of an attacking midfielder than a right-back at the end, but diligent enough to continue to perform his defensive duties. He was able to cut inside and become dangerous from there. Ziyech was of value with some great moves. ‘
The English newspaper receives acclaim from The Evening Standard, which also distributes an eight to Ziyech. โ€œThanks to his free-kick, the second Chelsea goal fell, despite no blue shirt being involved.โ€

What is this then? ๐Ÿ˜ณ Chelsea gets a 2-0 lead through a very clumsy goal ๐Ÿคญ #ZiggoSport #CarabaoCup #CHETOT pic.twitter.com/HSUSh5bExP
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โ€œIt is scandalous that Werner dealt with his pass and failed ostentatiously,โ€ concludes The Evening Standard. The English media is united, because Football London also has an eight left for Ziyech‘s performance. โ€œHakim Ziyech sparkles,โ€ heads the medium. โ€œHe got better and better as the game progressed,โ€ it sounds.
The Telegraph is also raving about the playmaker. โ€œHakim Ziyech and Saรบl ร‘รญguez stand up,โ€ headlines the leading newspaper. โ€œChelsea completely played out the error-spreading Tottenham Hotspur.โ€ The Blues didn’
t get into trouble for a moment and won 2-0 from the city mate. In more than a week, the return will be at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.