Zombies, Night, “Saw”: October 20 at Call of Duty: Warzone begins Halloween

The creators of Call of Duty: Warzone presented an event in honor of Halloween — The Ghosts of Verdansk. It will start on October 20 and last two weeks until November 3. Players of the battle royal are waiting for several major innovations.

The most interesting is the new temporary mode with zombies. In it, dead players do not go to Gulag, but become undead.

They cant use weapons, but they have supernatural skills like increased speed, deadly hand-to-hand attacks and night vision. However, players can come back to life – for this you need to find two syringes.

Still in the royal battle will appear: night Verdansk – the first appearance of the night card in the battle royal system of awards Purse or Life – special lootboxes with 16 themes drawings and personalization items. However, Halloween will be celebrated in multiplayer — however, not so large-scale.

The heads of players who will kill more than three people in one life will turn into burning pumpkins. Other cosmetic updates are expected to celebrate the holiday.

Costumes from Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre will also appear at the store on October 20. More on CCeit Konami claims that P.

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