Zoo Amersfoort wants to commemorate place for killed monkeys

Animal Park Amersfoort wants to set up a memorial place for the two escaped chimpanzees that were shot two weeks ago, reports a staff member of the zoo on Facebook.

Initially, there will be a temporary place where visitors and employees can commemorate the animals. But in the end there must be a definite commemoration place โ€œwhere everyone can dwell on these yet iconic animals of our park and the event to give it a placeโ€, says animal caretaker Willem Verdonck.

The two male chimps Mike and Karibuna were shot after escaping from their quarters. The two monkeys, according to the zoo, showed โ€œimpressive behavior.โ€ No one at the zoo got hurt.

Many emotions

The death of the monkeys led to a lot of turmoil. Last week, a condolence register was opened, signed by hundreds of people. Several animal rights organizations consider the shooting of the animals cruel and unacceptable and demand an independent investigation.