Zuvvii Gaming Clips Platform Officially Launched

British company Zuvvii has announced the official launch of its gamer social platform. The Zuvvii resource was created solely for players to share their clips and recordings, and has been working on it for about two years. Currently, the Zuvvii app is available on iOS and Android.

A version for personal computers is also promised soon. The platform allows you to download clips directly from consoles, which is much easier and more convenient compared to traditional social networks.

Since the official release is timed to coincide with Halloween, the creators Zuvvii encourages players to upload a variety of creepy game clips, funny mishaps or epic moments, and link other social networks to their Zuvvii profile. More on Gamermania Vacancy: YouTube channel CCeit seeks “Khokhloma” editor and Chamber in third act of third episode Valorant Game 20 Ladies censored by Sony — girls had to change to rabbit.