‘Absurde’ Giakoumakis makes a lot of impression: ‘This is not possible at all? ‘

Giorgos Giakoumakis can no longer piece in Venlo. The Greek striker was already top scorer in the Eredivisie with sixteen hits, but added four more to his total in the home match against Vitesse and is a thrill in the Eredivisie. On Twitter people are surprised, but above all praise about the many goals of Giakoumagisch.

No. It‘s not a dream. ðÿ˜âðÿ‡ ¬ðÿ‡ · #VVVVIT pic.twitter.com/RathzQV0q4
— Tourist Information Venlo (@VVVVenlo) January 27, 2021

Update: League goals this season:Georgios Giakoumakis – 20FC Emmen – 17ADO The Hague – 16RKC Waalwijk – 15Absurdst Ðÿ’œâš½ï¸â
— Michel Abbink (@sportzeloot) January 27, 2021

Just because it can.âš ï¸â Coen Dillen in 1956-57 after the first 19 matches: 18 goalsâš ï¸â Giorgos Giakoumakis in 2020-21 after the first 19 games፦ 20 goals #Dillenindex #vvvvit
— Ramon Min (@MijlpaalMin) January 27, 2021

Vitesse loses for the first time this calendar year. Against VVV-Venlo it will be 4-1. All four goals will be in the name of the Greek phenomenon Giorgos Giakoumakis, who has already had twenty in it this season. Greek sirtaki music shines through the speakers in De Koel. #vvvvit
— Jeroen Kapteijns (@JeroenKapteijns) January 27, 2021

Giakoumakis dances sirtaki
— Sjoerd Mossou (@sjoerdmossou) January 27, 2021

VVV found a Rembrandt on the flea market. A little club has twenty data couts in service and checked everything down to the decimal point. Giakoumakis has come in for a ton after a tip that has been checked. Romance in football still exists.
— Süleyman Öztürk (@SuleyOzturk) January 27, 2021

We don‘t have to pick up the Coen Dillen-index yet, but Stan Valckx has attracted a very special striker with this #Giakoumakis.
— Rik Elfrink (@RikElfrink) January 27, 2021

Giakoumakis 20 š½ï¸â for VVV after 19 games, that is not possible at all?? #vvvvit #fenomeen
— Arnold Bruggink (@Brug17) January 27, 2021

Judging by the number of goals scoring Giakoumakis (20 goals) to win on his own by RKC (16), ADO (16), and Emmen (17).
— Paul Zweverink (@paulzweef) January 27, 2021

You can see by that Giakoumakis he has no idea what’s happening to him.
— Sjenkie (@sjenkiedejong) January 27, 2021

Has VVV already opened a new gyrosnumber to transfer the millions to? #vvvvit #Giakoumakis
— Molletje (@MolletjeJ) January 27, 2021

‘Nice ‘stride hey that of @VVVVenlo pricked 4 again, handsome and profit for the team of Hans de Koning.
— Peter Houtman (@PHoutman) January 27, 2021