Jansen is disappointed with a ‘model pro’ at AZ: ‘Too sad for words’

AZ trainer Pascal Jansen is disappointed by the broken foot suffered by Zinho Vanheusden. The defender had just returned after a long period of injury and has now been eliminated again. Jansen also reveals that Vanheusden has continued to play with his injury for a long time.
Vanheusden got playing time against FC Utrecht, but fate quickly struck. Jansen explains more about it at his press conference. “Hes out for now, hes in plaster with his foot. Its very special: it happened when he got playing time again, so he could get closer to the group. He ended up playing with that break for another twenty minutes.”
“It apparently happened quite early in his match,” Jansen continues. “He played with quite a bit of pain at the time and the next day his foot exploded. But yes, what you say about it is actually all too sad for words. I got to know Zino as a model pro in a short time. He really is a superguest, who does everything for his sport. He has already been through a lot and now needs to be patient again.”
Vanheusden came to AZ on rent last summer, but the counter is only on three official duels due to injuries. In the past, the youth international has been plagued by injuries much more often.