‘Noa Lang is the best player in the Belgian competition, I think. ‘

Noa Lang goes like lightning in Belgium. Thanks to the input of the former Ajacied Club Brugge won Sunday with 3-2 from KRC Genk. Analyst Filip Joos is full of praise for him.

โ€œHe is currently the best player in the league, I think,โ€ says Joos at Extra Time, a Belgian football talk program. โ€œThat‘s really pure class. They are actually constantly bomling the points of the sixteen metres, because there is still room there, there are corridors there. That’s how Manchester City does it, for example. Those tires, they‘re super strong at that.โ€
Brandon Mechele made the winning goal for Club Brugge. The assist came from Lang. โ€œThat ball too, give it to me… He sees it, makes eye contact with Mechele and he finishes it fine. Fantastic goal, because that pass is also ideal. He is constantly moving, he swings across the field, he likes to dribble, but he will always play at the right time. It’
s not a pingeler,โ€ says Joos.
โ€œIt‘s always the individual quality that makes the difference,โ€ adds Wesley Sonck. โ€œThen you can still have as many variations and changes as you want… In the end, it’s the guys in front, with the individual qualities, that make the difference. Always.โ€