Turkish transgender stabbed to death in Utrecht

The woman who was stabbed to death on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in a home in Utrecht is Özge Bilir, a 25-year-old transgender woman from Turkey. This is the first deadly transgender victim in the Netherlands this year, confirms Trans United Europe. According to friends and acquaintances, the ex-boyfriend is the apprehended suspect. The police dont want to say anything about it and keep it on the victims acquaintance.

“ This terrible news is the sad confirmation of the difficult position in which transgender people still find themselves in the Netherlands. Every transmurder is one too many,” says Dinah Bons of Trans United Europe to the AD. The police are still investigating whether it is indeed a transmurder. Ridiculous, says Trans United Europe. “Murdering a transperson is always a transmurder.”

“ Its a known victim,” says a police spokesman. “And as long as the investigation is still ongoing, we dont make any statements.”

The incident happened in an apartment on the Jan Wolkerssingel in the Utrecht district Leidsche Rijn. Ögze lived in a so-called protected housing form. Residents get help there because of psychiatric problems. The accident happened in the porch of the building, adjacent to a number of other apartments.

Social media responds with horror to the murder of Özge. She is described as an energetic woman in the middle of life. Her brother says on Facebook that she will be greatly missed.

In 2014, the 19-year-old Ögze made the transition from man to woman. In an interview about that period, she said: “From a very young age, I felt like a girl. I felt like I was locked in my own body. Especially since youre actually in the wrong body, its hard to be yourself. When I started pubering, I soon knew I liked boys. I soon came out of the closet. My Turkish mother didnt see it coming at all. It really took a bit of getting used to for her, especially in the beginning.”