Rutte calls shooting Peter R. de Vries “attack on free journalism”

The attack on Peter R. de Vries is shocking and incomprehenable. An attack on a courageous journalist and thus an attack on free journalism, which is so essential to our democracy, demissionary Prime Minister Rutte responded to the attempted murder of De Vries.

The Cabinet is very shocked by the crime reporter attack. It was shot earlier in the evening at Lange Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam. It was taken from close to fire.

The demissionary rulers expressed their condolences to De Vries and his loved ones. Prime Minister Rutte said to pray De Vries survives the attack. That‘s the most important now. Both Rutte and Grapperhaus say they are doing everything to make sure it has its course.

Rutte and Grapperhaus met in The Hague since half ten tonight and were updated by the National Counter-Terrorism and Security Coordinator Aalbersberg. There was also contact with chief of corps Van Essen and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Grapperhaus did not want to respond to questions about De Vries security at the moment. He speaks of a black day and says, like Rutte, to pray for De Vries, whom he personally met and whom he called an admirable warrior against injustice.

King and Queen shocked

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima also say they are deeply shocked by the news. He and all those dear to him are in our minds. Journalists need to be able to do their important work unthreatened and freely, the royal couple responds. We feel connected to everyone who is committed to the free press in our rule of law.

Earlier in the evening, demissionary finance minister Hoekstra also responded shocked. The news became known during a debate on the spring paper. A large number of MPs have also expressed their disguts at the attack on Twitter.

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